Monday, January 11, 2010

Whether you like it or not - Anne Heche is a Queerspawn

Ok, so people's reaction to the name Anne Heche is quite different within the LGBT community. After her break-up with Ellen and going "Straight" - it hard to believe she is still an important member of the community. She is still a queerspawn - crazy maybe, queerspawn yes.

Born in Ohio, she moved 11 times before she was 12. Her father was a fundamentalist church organist who admitted to being gay after he was diagnosed with AIDS. She supported her mother, two sisters and a brother by acting in a dinner theater in Atlantic City. Beginning with a long-standing Emmy Award winning role in the soap opera Another World, Anne Heche moved on to a career in film including Donnie Braseo, Volcano, and Wag The Dog and many other movies.

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