Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Overheard in DC #1

A group of GW students were huddled around a table at Subway..

a young guy said: "I watched that Twilight"

a girl responds: "Is in it amazing?".

He responds : "ya - I decided while watching that if I had to be gay...that I would be one of those closeted ones in high of those ones that is really, I mean really into sports... that 10 years later that go wow - that guy was gay? "

Then the whole table agreed: "ya, for sure."

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Twitter Poem #2

something in dads eyes had changed when she went up into the light.
little league livened home up - but the light took more than her.

the skyward beam took Dads soul that night - the love of his life. leaving my sister and I behind, she left us with questions. and a story.

an indy director is coming to town because of the paper I wrote. the connections out of control. they said it was fiction. i know the truth.

this fiction = truth. she's not dead, she went home. she had fallen to earth & into love. it was time to be herself or as much as she could.

without us kids she must be empty. we watch the star before we sleep, hoping for a message. someday dad will be happy again. when she falls.

Recommended Books for Kids with LGBT Parents #1

The Dragon and the Doctor - For Ages 3-7

This appealing story, with full-color illustrations, tells of a dragon who has a sore tail. When she goes to Dr. Judy and Nurse Benjamin for help, they discover all kinds of treasures zipped into the tail. Cured, the dragon takes Doctor Judy and Nurse Benjamin to meet her friends - an ostrich, a hippopotamus, a turtle, and a little creature who has two mothers. .
B. Danish. Feminist Press. 1995

I have about 50 copies of this book - if you e-mail me at your address... I will send you one. free.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

My Twitter Poetry

water drops in pitter-patter. he wrestles in sleep. the break in silence does matter. nothing will stop this leak. try to sleep, my sweet.

the dark still hangs. only broken by the wandering headlight or two. overcast moon waits for her turn. the heater begins to hummmm through.

heating hum melts into the pitter-patter. a harmony in the night, no audience to hear. does it matter? what is it about the black to fear?

fear that sits like the dead man on your chest. quilted heavy, full of family stories wrapped and warm. alarming and calming. feelings torn.

darkness keeps the morning away. torn apart - seams of the blanket. a heavy coffin. it helps me sleep. finally asleep with the dead man.#

My Dream Decoded

Here’s what my dream book had to say about different elements of the dream – oddly everything makes total sense and I know what they are getting at.

1. Car losing control - Anxiety about a loss of direction in life. Loss of personal identity as well.

2. Falling – Is anxiety driven. May represent that the dreamer has climbed too high in personal or professional life and may now be ready for a change or fall.

3. Drowning – Dreams of drowning may represent the dreamer’s fear of being engulfed by forces hidden in the deepest reaches of the unconscious mind.

4. Being Trapped – may indicate that desires or creative energies have been repressed and must be revealed before they damage the conscious mind.

5. River – represents the passing of time and may remind a dreamer that is possible to flow past obstacles.

6. The people (Boss, Mom and Chris) - Dreams use characters as symbols rather than as real people. So the people in the dreams symbolize something else.

The weirdest dream

Last night I had to wake myself up. My dream was too real. I was trying to park our car in a spot that was clearly large enough – but I wanted to make sure to get close to the curb.

Behind me was a burnt orange 1980’s Cadilliac, that was owned by the President at work. She was standing outside the car watching to make sure I did not hit her car. And my mother was on the curb watching the whole thing (I think we were going out to eat)….and Chris (my partner) was there making sure I park just right.

The first time I park, I am too far from the curb. Chris offers to redo the park job – I get pissed and jump in the car to fix it. I pull forward. Angle the tires. Then pull backward and the tire rub the curb, making a scratching noise on the hubcab.

I pull forward and angle the tires again away from the curb… I put it in reverse, and the car takes off in reverse – no foot on the gas or anything…. I am flying backwards.
I hit and deflected off the President’s car…and then bounced backwards even more and by the time I got the car to stop (the brakes seem to be the gas pedal)….I careened off a cliff and into a river about 30 feet below.

I was not wearing a seat belt, so during the fall I turned around and grabbed the seat for cushion. The impact caused the car to curl around me like a steel coffin. But I was fine.

I just laid there, holding onto the seat, as I heard people screaming and trying to get down the cliff to me. At first I was not worried. It seemed pretty safe….then dread began to creep in. I started to make my way out of the car – but I could move… it was completely wrapped around.
Then water began to seep into the car. I tried to scream, but all I could get out was a whisper. I didn’t know how deep the river was. And I was not going to find out.

Before I could be rescued – I woke myself up.