Thursday, April 23, 2009

My Dream Decoded

Here’s what my dream book had to say about different elements of the dream – oddly everything makes total sense and I know what they are getting at.

1. Car losing control - Anxiety about a loss of direction in life. Loss of personal identity as well.

2. Falling – Is anxiety driven. May represent that the dreamer has climbed too high in personal or professional life and may now be ready for a change or fall.

3. Drowning – Dreams of drowning may represent the dreamer’s fear of being engulfed by forces hidden in the deepest reaches of the unconscious mind.

4. Being Trapped – may indicate that desires or creative energies have been repressed and must be revealed before they damage the conscious mind.

5. River – represents the passing of time and may remind a dreamer that is possible to flow past obstacles.

6. The people (Boss, Mom and Chris) - Dreams use characters as symbols rather than as real people. So the people in the dreams symbolize something else.

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Kathy said...

you'll have to give me details of this dream... sounds interesting :)
I dreamt last night that 3 kids (varying ages) stole my car (actually it was my parents' old car that I had to drive in high school). Then I caught them and was trying to hold onto all of them so they couldn't get away... was trying to report them and get my car back. but I kept losing one and would have to go hunt them down, then would lose another. it was actually pretty exhausting. i wonder what all this means? can't be normal :)