Thursday, May 21, 2009

Daniela Sea is a QueerSpawn

It might be a name that not a lot of people know, but she is definitely a star to watch.
Daniela Sea was born in 1977 the daughter of artsy/hippie parents, later her father came out as gay. An avid surfer, Daniela and her family moved to Hawaii. The inspiration of the ocean grew her stage name.

Beyond being a surfer, she is also a musician, a circus juggler and most well-known as an actress on the hit show L-Word. Before the L-Word, Sea was a member of the Gilman Street Project and then studiied acting at Laney College. She then went on to several different punk rock bands.

Long before she played Moira Sweeney, an androgynous computer technician who over the course of the season, Moira comes out as a trans-man adopting the name Max Sweeny, Sea lived in India for eight months as a man. She said:

It evolved quickly when I realized what freedom I'd have. As a man, I could ask questions and walk around at night. I felt it would give me better access to the culture. I don't feel anyone suspected anything. I never felt threatened, like I do here. If I want to, people think I'm a boy. I'm a tomboy. I always wear boys' clothes. I don't have to try very hard one way or the other.

When talking about her own sexual orientation, she politically will identify as a lesbian but truly considers herself bisexual.

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