Monday, August 28, 2006

The Old Maid en Blog Entry

The first of many posts. This is the rare first issue. Like the beginning issue of any comic book or magazine, this post shall be worth the most.

Born out of my pure bordem and shear need for attention, this blog I hope become a beacon for those who seek to see DC through the eyes of a bitter 32 year-old. Depressed because the summer is about to end, and even more depressed that I never really reached by weight-loss goal of 6-pack abs. My obession with Subway cookies, Potbelly Icecream sandwiches and Jelly Belly's have turned my belly jelly.

About me. Well, I get bored easily. I have a short attention span. I need everything to be visual and I am full of sarcasm. Like most gay men in DC, I am not alone in my sarcasm. DC is the breeding ground for bitter bitches like myself. In fact, when my Brother and I go to the bars to pick apart people, we often see people like us doing the same. We can not help it. Blame my mom.

She would pick-us-up from school on Friday after a long week of work and blah. She would then drive us the 45 minutes to civilation and take us to the mall. Because we lacked money our fun was found not in the stores, but in the center of the mall. We ould get a drink and a cookie from Mrs Field's (thus my cookie fetish and jelly belly) and we would sit center court watching all the people. Taking turns to disect each patron as they pass. It is now habit.

I tell you this...not sure why, but so you know that I don't take myself seriously either. I would pick-up apart me in a heartbeat. Yes, I have a stable self-esteem, but even I can see that I am a bit longer the skinny kid in college.... I can see that I am in need of a haircut....I never know the right time.... I can see that I am not Brad Pitt.

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